If your financial resources are insufficient to afford legal counsel and litigation, we can file with the competent court to represent you on a pro bono basis. If approved, our fees and court costs will be paid by the office of the court cashier. Such funding may be approved if the client is without financial means and there are prospects for winning the dispute in question.

If you hold legal expenses insurance, contact your insurer in advance to be informed of what your insurance specifically covers in the legal dispute in question, including in particular the extent to which legal fees may be covered if hiring the attorney of your choice. Be sure to promptly consult your legal expenses insurer to obtain written confirmation of benefit/cost approval so as to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Be advised that you remain liable for payment of our fees irrespective of what amount may be covered by the legal expenses insurance.

Our services are billed by the hour at an agreed hourly rate. Our hourly rate varies depending on the area of law, the value in dispute and the experience level and/or specialisation of the attorney retained under a mandate.

Companies requiring legal services on a regular basis can arrange an ongoing estimated flat payment scheme in the form of a monthly or annual retainer fee. Many companies find our promptitude and comprehensive service afford a cost-effective alternative to keeping in-house attorneys on staff.

An estimated monthly instalment payment arrangement is typically agreed. Generally, accounts are then finally settled upon issuance of the last invoice when the mandate ends. Corporate clients are billed monthly. We would be pleased to discuss your preferences in this regard.

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