Public procurement law

Lawyers advising companies on tender invitations and other procurement law matters

Is there a lack of transparency in a public procurement tender? Is a competitor obviously receiving preferential treatment? Were you surprised at not being awarded a contract, and the procuring public authority is withholding any substantive explanation?

Our law firm advises companies on submitting bids in public concession tenders, providing solid legal advice on the entire range of issues concerning public procurement law and the awarding of government contracts. The appeal periods are short in public procurement, so do not wait to get in contact with our knowledgeable and experienced lawyers, who will review the correctness of Simap notices, evaluate ambiguous tender invitation documents and resolve contractual bid document issues (gap analysis and adjustments to accord with prescribed terms and conditions and contractual works, e.g. Swiss Federal Terms & Conditions (AGB Bund) and Terms & Conditions of the Swiss Informatics Conference (AGB SIK)). Rely on us to clarify legal questions and assist in any contract negotiations with the procuring entity.

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