Event and sports law, sponsorship

Legal advice for athletes, organisers and sponsors

Sporting events, conferences, trade fairs and cultural events all require broad knowledge on the part of the organiser firm in the areas of operations, marketing, network leveraging and obtaining sponsorships and other funding. This entails a correspondingly varied array of legal issues and hurdles to overcome before holding an event or signing a sponsorship deal with athletes or artists.

Our law firm provides legal advice and consulting to professional organisers, sport clubs and associations, athletes and artists that is crucial for ensuring that an event does not turn into a fiasco because of issues concerning permits, legal breaches or liability issues and, on the other hand, that athletes and artists are not subjected to unfair contracts.

Our specialised lawyers have personal backgrounds as either high-level athletes or professional organisers, and thus have experience combined with the necessary detailed legal expertise to advise you as only an insider can. We can also advise you and your company on drafting and structuring sponsorship and marketing agreements, and support you in contract negotiations and any lawsuits. To start taking advantage of our extensive experience, simply call us.

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