Contracts & start-ups

Contract law: Have a lawyer review and draft contracts

Does an asset you purchased have a defect or not evidence warranted characteristics? Have tradesmen left you to sort out the consequences of their own deficient work? Is a debtor refusing to repay funds borrowed from you? Need a contract drawn up for your webshop? Looking to form your own company? Are you an artist, musician or athlete in need of expert legal advice?

We understand that not everybody enjoys dealing with the fine print in contracts. That’s what we are here for – to advise you on all matters of contract law.

We can explain to you the legal implications of the details of purchase and sale or other contracts, and review contracts to assess their legal durability. Those looking to start their own business need watertight contracts and to know which legal organisational form is most suitable for their company. Our lawyers can also help you prepare tailored contracts, form your own company, and protect your interests as an athlete or musician. We can advise and represent you in out-of-court negotiations and in-court proceedings. Just contact us to get quickly the help and uncomplicated advice you need to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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