Commercial and contract law

Secure contracts are the basis for successful businesses

Business life is about contractual relationships, and companies need a strong, expert partner in all areas of general commercial and contract law.

Are your contracts with suppliers and providers legally watertight? Do you need a loan agreement drafting? Are you planning a joint venture or other form of business partnership? What are the critical legal issues in e-commerce and operating an online shop?

The preparation of tailored contracts and terms & conditions, as well as the carrying out of ‘sanity check’ reviews on them, is in good hands with us. We also prepare legal opinions, assist in commercial transactions and draft your data privacy advisories and webshop terms of use.

In addition, we provide expert, solution-oriented legal support in delicate contract negotiations, and enforce your rights in court if necessary. Our lawyers deploy their profound knowledge to provide you with advice for your specific situation in an efficient manner. To start taking advantage of our extensive experience, simply call us.

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